Who made God?

Could God have used evolution to create humanity?

Is “faith” believing in something you know isn’t true?

Perhaps more now than at any time in history, questions like these are commonplace in debates and discussions concerning the greater dialogue between faith and science. More often than not, these questions are cast as objections: objections against those who dare to challenge the naturalism of the “enlightened” or, worse, those who hold to the idea that a metaphysical being is the best explanation for the world as we encounter it. Beyond raising doubts against the faithful, many who find themselves under the umbrella of philosophical naturalism have waged an assault on anything resembling adherence to a metaphysics containing abstract objects or beings, going so far as to angrily mock and besmirch those who hold these views. Mind over Matter is a response to such incredulity, providing sound logical arguments that can empower those who are either tired of being steamrolled by naturalistic objections or simply desire to bolster their faith in God. Within its pages, brothers Brian and Wayne Rossiter take up many of the most prevalent assertions against metaphysical beliefs, offering succinct, easy-to-use solutions to these arguments.

More than simply providing highly effective responses to the most common questions and objections, Mind over Matter goes a crucial step further, showing that even the most fervent skeptics must depend on a metaphysics counter to philosophical naturalism, in their own worldviews. The book concludes with a minimal case for deism, resulting in a giant, but undeniably rational step towards a metaphysical creator.